Interview Tips & Advice

1. Use your Success Stories:
In a job interview focus on a time in which you felt in control and empowered in your life — work-related, or personal — to increase your chances of getting hire. Interviewers choose the empowered people over the disempowered at a significantly higher rate.
2. Don’t Over Smile.
You should always be friendly and polite, but be serious when you need to be. Candidates who smile at the beginning and end of the interview, and less in the middle — when they were focused on answering questions will do better than those who smiled, continuously, throughout.
3. Use interviewer’s name during interview.
If your are using interviewer’s first name it will help you remember it and make them feel more positive about you. Of course, don’t overuse it.
4. Rephrase interviewer’s statement in your own words 
When you repeat back your interviewer’s statement or question in your own words, it will increase your chances of getting hired as it demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of what the interviewer is trying to communicate and may also make your interviewer feel more positive about you.
5. A firm handshake
A cool hand, a firm grasp, a reasonably timed eye-lock and a few ups and downs of the other person's five digits give a better first impression rather than sweaty palms, a weak grip, not making eye contact and a lack of pumping are big no-no's when reaching out and shaking a stranger's hand.
6. Reflect interviewer’s body language and stay positive.
They smile, you smile. They use hand gestures, you use hand gestures. Reflection helps your chance of success in an interview, but stayed positive no matter what.
7. Non verbal behavior
It’s been said time and time again,how important nonverbal communication can be.When you’re in a job interview, use positive nonverbal behavior.
According to research findings, you should:
•    Show a high level of energy and enthusiasm
•    Keep a positive expression on your face
•    Maintain a high level of eye contact
•    Nod to show understanding
•    Use subtle hand gestures when speaking
•    Lean towards your interviewer, but maintain appropriate personal space
•    Vary your tone of voice so as not to speak in a monotone
8. Never interrupt.
Interrupting someone creates negative feelings. Do not interrupt your interviewer, even when you think that finishing their sentence will show that you’re on the same page.
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