Housekeeping Room Attendant (NovoTel)

Full-Time, Not Disclosed

Experience: 0 - 1 Years

Qualification: Bachelors (Communication - Tech. Writing, Communication - Tech. Writing)

City: Auckland

Skills: Strong leadership qualities, analytical thinking and problem solving.

Posted On: May, 26 2017

Job Description

Key tasks
• Clean, dust and vacuum guest rooms to the required standard
• Replace towels, linen etc
• Replenish guest amenities, coffee, tea
• Reset guest rooms according to the required standard
• Respond to guest’s requests efficiently and politely
• Maintain guest room security
• Ensure guest supplies and advertising material in bedrooms and bathrooms are replenished to the correct standards for the room type.
• Understand the correct usage and storage of cleaning agents in line with health and safety regulations and manufacturers instructions.
• Report any lost property following correct procedure.
• Successful candidates will be offered varying hours and days each week
At Novotel, we grow faster Feel fully responsible, be autonomous, adaptable, professional, have a love of adventure and a desire to stretch your limits: that’s the Novotel spirit.
An international brand with a network of 400 hotels in 60 countries, Novotel’s success is due to the professionalism and enthusiasm of its 30 000 employees who have been embodying the brand’s ideals for over 40 years.

DNA of the brand, innovation is at the heart of the promise made to employees: "At Novotel, we grow faster". To transform this promise into reality, Novotel has implemented a unique human resources policy declined around five main professional career paths. Novotel accompanies each employee throughout their career. Integration, geographic mobility, bridging provision, skills development… everyone is given the opportunity to progress quickly and go further. Impossible is not Novotel.

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